Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Meeting February 25

A meeting was held to continue the momentum toward increasing communication and collaboration between pediatricians and child psychiatrists. We hope to continue the momentum toward this goal by pursuing the following:

1) Consultation model committee--plans to draft a proposal of a pilot study to provide a consultation model for pediatricians and child psychiatrists; this proposal would also involve an evaluation component in order to monitor the progress of the program.
2) Networking committee--plans to incorporate CHADIS network members into contact with interested pediatricians and psychiatrists.
3) Colocation committee--plans to run a seminar to guide people who wish to start a colocation model.
4) Aims/goals--A guide to the ultimate goals of the group will be drafted.

The committee hopes to have a dinner meeting in June 2009 in conjunction with the Maryland Regional AACAP group in which will involve CME for pediatricians and child psychiatrists.